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 "The Robert Evans
  Online Mentoring

   Starting from scratch 3 years ago, I now make
£6,000 PER WEEK
from my online
  activities - that's right, this year I will earn over 

- all from the internet!

You now have the opportunity to learn 
what I do to create this income,
  then COPY EVERYTHING I show you and create your own
,000+ weekly income online from the comfort of your own home.

Watch As I Take You Into My Private Paypal Account And Show How I Take Out Approx £500.00 PER DAY And Transfer Into My Bank Account!

If you are looking for an easy way to make money online and would like to learn from someone who has been making £5,000 - £7,000 per week from automated online income streams then I might be able to help you!

You see ...

I've been earning a fantastic living online for over 3 years here in the UK.

Here's a copy of my online Barclays Bank Account:


And here's a copy of one of my bank statements:

This has enabled me to live in a fantastic £650,000 house - and furnish it with lovely furniture that both me and my wife have collected over the years.

 Robert Evans Hallway

                                                   Our dining room and reception room.

 Robert Evans dining room
 Robert Evans reception room

And keep over £26,000 in my Paypal Account

And transfer £1,000's into my bank account whenever I want

  So How Do I Make My 
        Money Online?

From a number of different income streams including:

 Selling My Own Products

 Affiliate Marketing


 Email Marketing


           Here's An Example Of One 
    Of My Income Sources

I currently promote a great manual on how to make money from eBay. It is written by PowerSeller Amanda O'Brien.

We share the profits from sales 50/50 and so far I've sold over 900 copies.

This has taken me 3 weeks to achieve and both myself and Amanda have earned over £25,000 each from this one product.

               Here's Another Example

 I sell a product called Rich Monkey.

 I launched this product last year and to
 date I've sold over 2,800 copies
an income of over £56,000
 within 12 months

It has never been easier to start a business online and quickly earn more money in a month than most people earn in a year!

And unlike other traditional businesses where you are required to invest £20,000 - £200,000, an online business can be started with less than £500.

But to achieve this level of success you need to learn from someone who really knows what is required ... and more importunately how to actually create an income.

Which is why - after a lot of persuasion - I've finally decided to reveal ALL my secrets, methods, techniques, hints and tips on how I really do GENUINELY make over £6,000 per week all from the internet.

If you allow me, I'll be your mentor. I'll teach you everything you need to know, how to set everything up, earn money and establish a VERY successful online business that'll earn you and your family £2,000 - £6,000 per week!

 I will leave NOTHING
 out, all my secrets
 will be revealed to

 It'll be like you being in my office looking
 over my shoulder and through all my secret files - and then duplicating EXACTLY what I do to earn £6,000 per week for yourself.

This is a VERY exclusive opportunity to see inside my business, and learn every method that I use to make a great deal of money online every week.

One of the most powerful online marketing techniques is to use email lists for promoting products and services.

For this to be successful, you need to build you own list.

I have build a list of over 52,000 names and you'll discover how you can do this too.

You will learn all my list building methods that'll rapidly add hundreds of names to your list each week.
       £18,000 Within 72 Hours!

I'll also show you how to convert your list subscribers into responsive buyers whereby any product you launch you are more or less guaranteed to attract 400 orders.

That's exactly what I enjoy ... AND SO CAN YOU!

Any new product or service I launch will deliver me 400+ orders.

So, if I have a product that costs £47.00, then within 72 hours I would have earned £18,800.

Imagine you doing this every month - any product that you own or are promoting will attract 400 orders straight away.

Just launching 10 new products throughout the year will bring you £180,000 and your marketing costs will be ZERO!

 How To Buy A Porsche Within 7 Days!
 This will be one of your main income streams. Picture
 this, you promote one product on a Monday morning to
 your list, then you can literally go to a garage to

 buy a 2nd hand Porsche
 (or whatever car you fancy) for
, and drive it home on Saturday.

This is how powerful internet marketing really is!

It's the profit results that I enjoy every week and I'll show you exactly how it's done.

Another BIG plus from my mentoring course is ...

You'll learn all my traffic driving secrets.

I'll show you all my techniques for driving traffic (visitors) to my blogs and websites. Yes, I use PPC ... BUT, I get much more traffic for free from the many different methods I use - once again all my methods will be
revealed to YOU.

  Here's How I Benefit From Free Traffic

One of my blogs -   
gets over 1,000 visitors per day.

When you start attracting this amount of traffic, your daily profits rise substantially.

Here's some more facts from my online business:

 I get
 1,000's of visitors to my blogs and websites every

 I add over 200 people to my lists every day - and I now 
 have a list of over 50,000 people who buy my products on a
    daily basis.

 I receive 50 - 100 orders PER DAY coming from my blogs,
 websites and lists.

* Most of my orders are automated so I do nothing more than transfer the money from my different paypal accounts into my bank account.

Here's an example of how amazing this business is and what you'll be experiencing very soon ...

I went on holiday to Majorca for 8 days recently and when I returned
I had earned over £12,000.

So while I was away from my computer, orders still came in and over £12,000 was put into my account - and I did no work at all!

If this is not one of the easiest businesses to run, I don't know what is! 

I'm sure you are wanting to know what I'll be teaching you ...

So ...

Here's what you'll learn from my Online Mentoring Program

How to add 4,360 names to your list for 1 hours work

How to create basic websites then sell them for huge profit the next day

How to attract 1,000 visitors to your website or blog per day

The secrets to creating the best squeeze pages that build up massive lists

How to create a basic website within 1 hour

How to upload your website onto webspace

How to create your own ebook

How to make £25,000 within 24 hours from your ebook

How to make £10,000 per week from JV offers

Earn £35,000 from licence deals

How to use articles to attract huge amounts of traffic to your website or blog

How to set up an affiliate program where others sell all your products

I'll show how to launch a new product to your list and create 100 orders within 4 hours

How to make your online business 100% automatic

How I get to page 1 of Google with a number of my websites

How to create the perfect blog that'll attract hundreds of visitors every day and earn you £1,000 per week

How to create a buzz for your product so that people will be rushing to your website to buy

How to set up paypal to take all your orders

The Simple, Yet Critical, Web Building Process

Setting up and effectively using your autoresponder system to make money every day

Building relationships with your customers the right way

The secrets to massive "back-end" sales

Traffic generating techniques that don't cost a penny

Wealth funnels to create multiple streams of income

Effective advertising campaigns that work like clockwork

Money making copywriting techniques that no one else reveals

Information marketing - the key to unlimited income

Effective marketing campaigns that never fail

Creating profit pulling reports and PDF's for free

Mailing list tools and resources that you can't be without

Quick and easy list building techniques that add hundreds of subscribers to your list within days

Plus loads more information ...

    10 Week Mentoring Program

The online mentoring course is a 10 week
that will be delivered direct to your email address every week for 10 weeks.

It is set out in an easy to follow way, with loads of diagrams.

Within each lesson you'll be given simple tasks to do before the next lesson arrives.

It is created in such a way that you'll be

earning money within your first week.

So do you want me to be your personal mentor where I show you step by step how I earn over £6,000 every single week of the year?

Imagine how your life will be so much different with a £6,000+ weekly income.

You'll be able to ...
 Buy your dream house

 Buy any car you wish

 Go on as many holidays as you want

 Treat family and friends whenever you want

 Never have to worry about the unexpected bills through the door

... and probably the most important benefit -

An online business will give you freedom to live your life EXACTLY how you want to. 

You'll be supporting yourself with your own income that will come to you automatically, you can work when you want, and take days off whenever you wish.

This is the lifestyle that I want to share with you. I'll be showing you exactly how to earn £6,000+
  per week over a 10 week mentoring program.

Now you'll be pleased to know that unlike some other mentoring programs I am NOT  going to be asking for a huge commitment.

You may not know, but I ALWAYS  try and give exceptional value for money.

That's why - I'm sure - you'll be pleasantly surprised that my 10 week mentoring program will
 only cost £9.70 per week - a total price of just £97.00.

This is incredible value for money. I know that I could easily charge £299.00 or more for my mentoring program,
 but I just want to give something back and show others how I've succeeded and how you can do exactly the same as me.
To join my 10 week mentoring program is very easy.

Simply click the ORDER NOW button below and within
 5 minutes you'll be receiving your first lesson.

            The Robert Evans' Online
  Mentoring Program

  The mentoring program lasts 10 weeks. Each weekly lesson will be sent direct to your email address.

  Only £97.00

I very much look forward to sharing all my online secrets with you and helping you create a  £6,000 + weekly income online.


PS I earn over £6,000 per week from my online businesses, now you can enjoy this exclusive opportunity to learn EXACTLY how I make this money ... and more importantly I'll show you step by step how YOU  can earn
 £6,000+ per week YOURSELF!

Here's What Others Have Said About My Products And Information

" I personally have used Roberts techniques , and I have to say with the clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations that he provides you simply cannot go wrong with this product that I highly recommend ,you simply will not regret the investment" !

John Edwards, Lancashire ,UK.

Dear Robert,

I would like to thank you for all the time and energy you have spent helping me to promote my information product.


Without your help this project would never have happened and would have remained ‘just an idea’. Your knowledge, marketing skills and genuine enthusiasm throughout ensured that my joint venture with you was a huge success.


Your guidance and support, from sales page design through to printing and fulfilment was faultless and marked the difference between success and failure.


Not once did I worry that I was asking ‘silly questions’ due to my inexperience, as your responses were always swift, informative and full of encouragement.


My only regret is that I did not discover your talents sooner! Once again, thank you for all your help and for sharing your knowledge with me.


Best wishes


Amanda O’Brien   

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the information so far, just cannot believe my luck, for you sharing this information.

I am busy digesting the information that you have already given so far.

Kevin Bunyan

Hi Robert

I must take this opportunity to congratulate you on your blog.

I am a self employed mortgage broker, earning a decent living ( even now ) but am looking for other opportunities and have spent far too much time in the last 2 months looking at various internet possibilities, much to my wife's annoyance. 
I have learnt more from your very open blog, in one evening, than I have during these 2 months.

I have only got half way through your blog and already I have some clarity and look forward to being one of your customers.

Kind regards
Malcolm Aitken

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your e-book which I bought yesterday....That is exactly what I was looking for a long time. I didn't know how to start my e-business and HERE I get the answer.
It is very early days to say how my business is going to be but I have got the START point for it now!!

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Hi Rob

I would just like to say how pleased I am with your publication "The rich monkey". I followed the advice about and last Friday received 2 payments for my book which is on cd disc, one order for America and the other in Japan. I was so pleased I wrote another article and submitted it the same day.

Out of all the numerous information products on money making and internet marketing courses I have bought, yours is the easiest and works without first laying out money. Many thanks.


Hi Rob,

All your emails have been awesome, you're not like other marketers that just fill someone's inbox with buy this now and get this bonus, all they do is sell. I have unsubscribed from every one of them.

oluwaseyi omidire

Hi Robert
My God - Have I enjoyed reading your articles. You must be the only one of all the entrepreneurs that is not selfish in explaining how the business is done.

Marie Lowe

Hi Rob,
I had to share this with you. I followed your instructions and built a site. Ran an ad for 48 hours which received 7 clicks, got up this morning and found an order with Amazon had been placed!
Thank you so so much.


Wow what can i say , i just had my first read of the rich monkey manual i purchased and I'm so amazed with the information, you are a genius and so clever and I'm so lucky to have found you. can't wait to put it all in action.

Karim Mouley

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